Imagine promoting a single product and making 100%.

The Affiliate Marketers Sales Funnel

If anyone is telling you, "You don't need a Sales Funnel", needs to have their head examined!

A sales funnel is not a "thing" it is a process! It can incorporate few or many sub-processes like lead capture pages, social gates, webinar videos and even DM's in a social media group. At the end of the day, no matter what the process is it can be considered a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a process that attracts the attention from a traffic source, funnels the traffic to create leads and at some point presents an offer to those leads which can potentially result in a sale. There are literally dozens of ways to accomplish this!

With The Affiliate Marketers Sales Funnel not only will you be learning the processes, you will also learn how to build the necessary elements incorporated into the process that creates a sales funnel.

If you are just starting out or are at an intermediate level in affliate or digital marketing The Affiliate Marketers Sales Funnel is the soultion. It is the framework that you can plug in any affiliate offer, physical or digital product.

Not everyone has a product so we solved that issue as well. Included in this package not only do you get the entire sales funnel framework you will also receive your first product! A digital rebrandable product that you will own and make 100% profit from each sale.

Let's take a look in the box and see what is inside!!

Editable Content
  • Adobe PDF
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  • Microsoft PPT Files
  • Adobe PSD Files
  • HTML/CSS page files
  • Graphics Packages
  • Professional Videos
  • Change or modify contextually
  • Change or mofify images
  • Change or modify videos
  • Add your existing logo(s)
  • Use as leadmagnets
  • Use as solo or membership product
  • Add to your coaching/trainings
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